Tadalafil 20mg (Cialis)

Tadacip is produced by pharmaceutical company Cipla.

Vardenafil 20mg

Vardenafil 20mg

Increase the potency is such a need may arise for any man, regardless of his age and health. We are all people, and sometimes very tired, we are prone to stress and anxiety, which are reflected in the sexual sphere very badly. If you intend opportunity to problems when holding a romantic evening, and do not want to disappoint his second half, perhaps you, too, decide to increase the potency even temporarily, may and medications.

The main thing that you have chosen method of increasing potency, which will not harm the body, does not cause dependence and addiction (taking of a number of drugs can cause addiction and after some time you will not be able to do without them, and you’ll have to take them before each sexual act)

In order to increase the potency of the most natural and safe manner, you should try Vardenafil.

Vardenafil hcl is the most modern and powerful drug for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. Conducted as at the stage of testing, or after the commencement of the global sales of the independent clinical studies showed that this drug is highly effective (effectiveness of actions as well 85-89%) and the safest medical means in the treatment of problems with erectile function.

More powerful effect of the drug on an enzyme of the arteries of the penis PDE-5 allows to use it no only as a medicine of the first line, but as a drug of choice in cases where inefficient other inhibitors PDE-5 (Viagra, Tadalafil). The efficacy of Vardenafil drug in patients with diabetes and in patients after a radical prostatectomy reaches 72%, while for men, previously unsuccessfully taking Sildenafil – 62%.

Pharmacological name: Vardenafil hydrochloride trihydrate.  Pharmacological group: preparations for potency. Class: selective inhibitor of PDE-5.

Indications for the use of ED drug

  • Vardenafil 20mg prescribed as a drug for potency, with a view to the prevention and treatment of violations of the penis, as well as for the restoration of potency after prostatectomy.

Due to this medication, you can increase the potency, and give yourself a powerful orgasm, the fiery sensation of sex. You can increase the potency using vardenafil hcl and in that case, if you are just tired, and do not sure that the forces will not leave you in a warm atmosphere at home or at an important meeting, and in that case, if you have permanent persistent violations of the sexual sphere. Be that as it may, the increase of potency due to this medicine is not a myth; it is a reality, proven already many users of this drug. vardenafil hcl is one of the drugs that are used traditionally as a timid young people, and tired already from the intense life of older persons, and increase of potency due to it is achieved all of them.


  • Vardenafil 20mg cannot be used in children and adolescents up to 18 years, as well as by gross deformation of the penis. Limited applies under the supervision of a physician with hypersensitivity to it.


  • Take inwards to 1 tablet (20 mg or 40 mg) immediately prior to anticipate sexual activity. The effective action of the drug lasts 8 to 12 hours.
  • A single dose can be reduced to 10 mg, the maximum daily dose of 40 mg. Tablets should drink small amounts of water, the intake of food and alcohol is not render essential influence on the efficiency of the preparation. Before first use, consult with a physician.

Side effects

  • In the taking of vardenafil  20mg  relatively rare, you experience the following side effects: increase of a level of creatine kinase, headache, nausea, rhinitis, sinusitis, dyspepsia, flu-like state.

Important information

  1. This drug does not eliminate the cause of the erectile dysfunction. For the treatment of the main disease, which led to a decrease in potency, should consult an urologist-andrologist.
  2. The medicine is Available in the form of tablets, which contain 40, 20, 10, or 5 mg of vardenafil hydrochloride.
  3. This medical agent is effective only when a man is sexually aroused. After ejaculation the drug temporarily ceases to act and the penis returns to a calm state.
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Whether there is an accustoming to the drug?

  • No, addiction to this medical agent is not observed. The effectiveness of the product do not decrease over time, increase the dosage is not required.

Have an effect vardenafil for women?

  • No. For a gain of orgasm in women has developed a special medication.

How much this wonderful medicine?

  • The price vardenafil in our online-shop guaranteed in 2-3 times cheaper than the pharmacy market average value of a similar brand-drug Levitra.

Feeling the need to improve the potency, you can contact us and order the drug, which will help you cope with such problems, and offers a sea of pleasure.