Tadalafil 20mg (Cialis)

Tadacip is produced by pharmaceutical company Cipla.

Tadalafil and Cialis

Tadalafil 20mg

Tadacip tablets belong to a group of erectile dysfunction drugs. The main and active component of this medicine is Tadalafil. This component is called PDE5 inhibitor that is intended for treatment of people erection problem aged over eighteen years old. This medication has the same action as Cialis and assists to increase flow of blood to the penis which causes good and certainly stable erection. It has a safe and efficient action.

There is no big difference between Tadalafil and Cialis.  Tadacip is produced by pharmaceutical company Cipla.

As mentioned above the main component is Tadalafil 20mg. To have an erection of penis the smooth muscles in the cavernous body must be relaxed. The relaxation is caused by nitrogen oxide and acetylcholine. Within sexual excitement the non-adrenergic neurons releases nitrogen oxide. Nitrogen oxide assists to activate molecular complex guanylate cyclase that lead to synthesis of GMP which causes relaxation. Consequently, as a result a man has an erection. This medicine inhibits PDE5 activity which assists to increase cGMP amount.

The ED drug is used for erectile dysfunction treatment. It is contraindicated for women as well as men less than eighteen years.

It is not recommended to take this medical agent with nitrate medical products which are prescribed for stenocardia. For instance, Nitro-Dur, Transderm-Nitro, Minitran and others. Do not use Tadalafil 20mg with recreational medicinal agents because it may decrease blood pressure or cause stroke or heart attack.

  • If you take alpha-blockers, this ED drug will not be prescribed since such combination may be the reason of perilous low blood pressure.
  • Women must not take this ED medicine and men less than eighteen years. It’s believed that Tadalafil 20mg does not make injury pregnant women and her unborn infant. But in any case a woman should consult the qualified doctor. It’s not established whether this remedy passes into mother’s milk.
  • It’s not permitted to drink alcohol while using the ED medication. This combination may be the reason of by-effects. Hypotension and dizziness are the common side effects. The medicine will not protect from the sexually transmitted sicknesses.


Before using this medical product turn to the qualified doctor and tell whether you have hypotension, heart diseases, anemia, chest pain, stomach ulcer, disease of liver or kidney or some other health conditions.

Your personal health care specialist must be informed about all your health conditions. Tadacip medicine is used with caution and is prescribed for men with blood diseases, anatomical deformation of the penis, gastrointestinal infections, retinitis pigmentosa, priapism and  multiply myeloma.

You can buy tadalafil online in the form of tablets. The pill is taken orally thirty – sixty minutes before having sex. 20 mg of this medical agent is the highest dosage. It acts about 36 hours which give the probability to have several sexual intercourses. Don’t increase the dosage of ED medicine and take only one dose this drug. The doctor may low the dosage for patients with liver or kidney sickness.

Before buy Tadalafil online you should know that while taking this medical product 7-11 percent of patients may experience dyspepsia and also headache. As well there may be hot flashes or nasal congestion, muscle or back pain. It’s found out that PDE5 may be in the nasal mucous and face skin. The use of Tadacip may be the reason of eye pain, edema of the eye lid or dizziness. The allergy reaction is also probable so before taking this medicine you should be sure that there is no allergic reaction. Low blood pressure, vision disorders, priapism, hyperhydrosis are also probable. If you have erection more than 4 hours, you must turn to the doctor immediately.

  1. This medical agent interacts with alcohol drinks that may cause the appearance of by-effects. The result of this combination is perilous low blood pressure, dizziness and headache.
  2. As well it may interact with alpha blockers and perilous low pressure with dizziness and faint may happen. Do not take these tablets with medications for low blood pressure.
  3. Combination of Antifungals with this ED pills may also cause some by-effects. In this case the personal health care specialist may low the dosage of Tadacip.
  4. Besides, tadalafil 20mg may interact with Erythromycin – it is macrolide antibiotic that may result to changes the medication metabolism.
  5. You should not take grapefruit as well as grapefruit juice while using these tablets. It is also established that the cheap Tadalafil interacts with antiviral medications, nitrates, and xantines like theophylline.
  6. It’s not a full list of the medications interactions. You should notify the personal health care specialist about all your current usage of the medical products.

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